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What You Should Do When You Notice A Bald Spot In Your Hair

I had the scare of a lifetime a year ago when I noticed a small bald patch pretty close to the crown of my hair. It was sort of odd because at the time I could not figure out what I did to my hair that would cause any sort of trauma nor did I understand why this patch would seemingly appear out of nowhere. Even though my patch was pretty small it was enough to keep my mind a bit occupied for at least a few days. With that said, I know how devastating bald patches can be and

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I got rid of my bald spot in 3 months - all I used was a 2-ingredient DIY mix

A STYLE-CONSCIOUS woman has revealed how she was able to get rid of a bald spot using a homemade remedy. She showed that her scalp had been visible due to the hair loss before using the DIY solutio…

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