Bastille Day

Get into the spirit of Bastille Day with these festive ideas. From delicious French recipes to fun activities, discover how to make the most of this patriotic holiday.
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July 14th is the French national holiday. I had the pleasure of being at the Eiffel Tower on July 14th in time to watch the fireworks display, which for the first time since 2000 was fired off from the Eiffel Tower. 500,000 people gathered and listened to live performances of classical music and opera singing before the fireworks. It was magical. Seriously.

Luján Fontana
Photo of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France, on Bastille Day, featuring a flypast by military aircrafts in an arrow formation. The planes are trailing smoke in the blue, white, and red colors of the French flag, against a backdrop of scattered clouds in the sky. Paris France, Paris Dream, Bastille Day, Triomphe, Looking Up, The Locals, Fireworks, Parades, Special Day

Celebrate Bastille Day in Paris with a bang! Dive into the rich history of this special day, witness the grandeur of the military parade, and look up for the breathtaking Patrouille de France Air Display. As evening falls, join the locals at the spirited Fireman’s Ball, and end your day with the spectacular Bastille Day Fireworks. Experience the essence of French pride and joy in the heart of Paris! Click to dive deeper into the festivities and secrets of Bastille Day in Paris!

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