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Enhance your shower routine with the best bath sponges available. Find the perfect sponge to exfoliate and cleanse your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
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LATHER AND LUXURIATE with Joory Exfoliating Loofah Body Scrubbers for use in shower or bath. Palm-sized bath sponges gently loosen and whisk away dead cells while clearing dirt from pores and skin. Emerge from your shower with clean, soft and radiant looking skin. 3-PACK BATH LOOFAHS are durably constructed with anti-fray edge tapes, convenient palm straps and soft cotton backing pads. Each oval bath sponge measures 6.7” x 5”, thoughtfully sized so that both men and women can wash their…

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About this item The bath sponges are made from PE material, eco-Friendly and can be used for a long time. 60g per loofahs and approx 5.9 inches in width, perfect size to hold in hand Super soft but dense body washing loofahs, can work up a great lfoam and you don't in turn need to use as much body wash! It also doesn't leave any scratch marks on your body 4 different colors for all in the family. With a loop for hanging up so it can get dry quickly and provided no chance for produce peculiar…

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About this item 🛁💦【Easily And Deeply Exfoliate Your Skin, No Need For Body Wash】The super-soft bath sponge is used to clean stubborn horniness, dead skin, and stains. Perfect for children's delicate skin, as well as for adults and seniors.(Note: It needs to be soaked in water before use.) 🛁💦【Super Large Size】7*14*3cm, Fits for Children/ Kids. Our premium bath sponges are larger than ordinary ones to cover a larger body area and more efficient to use. It is soft-touch and full of…

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