Bathtub clothes soak

Learn the best techniques for soaking clothes in the bathtub to remove stains and refresh fabrics. Discover the benefits of this simple laundry method and make your clothes look and feel like new again.
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Wait, what? No, I haven’t lost my mind… laundry stripping is a real thing and it has nothing to do with that stripping!! Simply put, laundry stripping is a tactic used to remove excess detergent, minerals, dirt, oil, and stench from clothing, bedding, etc. It’s been gaining a lot of popularity and videos of dirty bath water have gone viral. I’ve been intrigued for a few weeks now and decided to give it a try myself…

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Need to wash clothes without a washer? No problem! Use this guide to wash clothes in a bathtub with a few tools and a little effort. You'll learn that it really isn't that hard to wash clothes by hand! Cleaning Tips, Gym, Camping Hacks, Studio, Home Décor, Cleaning Clothes, Washing Clothes By Hand, Washing Laundry, Cleaning Hacks

If you're trying to wash clothes without a washer, it can feel super intimidating. But for thousands of years, people did their laundry by hand. In the event you might find yourself in a situation where your washing machine isn't usable (it breaks down, you're camping, you're at a hotel, you're without electricity, or maybe

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ShareTweetPin9191 SharesLucky for you I’ve been letting my tub get especially grimy just so I could show you how I got it sparkling clean! (Yeah, that’s the ticket! LOL) I was on one of my mommy Facebook groups recently and came across a post about how to clean your bathtub with just vinegar and Dawn […]

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