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Discover creative DIY battery hacks and projects that you can easily do at home. Learn how to extend battery life, repurpose old batteries, and make your own battery-powered gadgets.
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How to Fix Corroded Battery Terminals : Many a time I’ve managed to get my hands on some electronic gizmo only to find that the battery compartment totally corroded. It’s usually one of the main reasons I think that people throw toys and whatever else takes batteries away. The corrosion i…

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The 1s6p modules from Maker Batteries are great for building large capacity batteries. At just over 20AH each, a single series chain of modules can create a large 20AH battery pack. In this tutorial I’m going to assemble a small 12V 20AH pack, but you can build a larger 24V, 36V or 48V pack with […]

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