Best abdominal exercises

Discover the best abdominal exercises to strengthen your core and achieve a toned stomach. Get in shape and improve your overall fitness with these proven exercises.
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Do crunches hurt your back or do you just flat out HATE doing them? You are NOT alone. I always get asked what are some great moves for working the abs without having to do crunches or sit ups. First things first, let’s talk WHY crunches SUCK: Supports bad posture Puts oressure on your neck, […]

Nicola Lynn
10 Unique Ab Exercises That Aren't Crunches - Contour Abs, Fitness, Best Abdominal Exercises, Core Exercises For Women, Most Effective Ab Workouts, Lower Ab Workout For Women, Effective Ab Workouts, Lower Ab Workouts, Upper Ab Workout

Can you achieve strong, toned abdominals without crunches? The answer: oh WOW yes. If you’ve been bored with ab work or struggling to connect to your deep core muscles (especially those lower abs) it’s definitely worth learning and dedicating yourself to some fresh, new moves like these that will take you to the next level. […]