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Get ready to have a good laugh with these hilarious April Fools pranks. Discover the best ideas to play funny tricks on your friends and create unforgettable memories.
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Need April Fools Day tricks to play for kids and adults? We have fun April Fools Day tricks for kids and parents and we'll also learn about April Fools Day, including why April Fool Day is celebrated! We have the best April Fools pranks and ideas, April Fools jokes for this fun holiday, and even learning about the history of April Fools Day for students and April Fools Day lesson ideas.

Victoria Arteaga
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My mom cultivated a very trusting household right from the beginning. She hardly ever lied to us and if she did I never found out about it. She was also super into celebrating holidays. This meant April Fool’s Day became kind of a big deal. The pranks were always harmless, easily reversible, and the punchline came quickly. She never dragged it out till we got upset. She also knew we would turn the prank back around on her the next year. I find the funniest pranks are the simplest ones. A…

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