Best collard greens recipe

Discover the best collard greens recipe that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Try these soulful and flavorful recipes to bring a taste of the South to your table.
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Southern Collard Greens Recipe simmered with smoked turkey wings, green and red peppers, onions, garlic, white vinegar, red pepper flakes make this dish so tasty. No one will complain about not having enough meat in this dish. Perfect for Thanksgiving or any day of the week.

Your Easter menu ideas must have these southern-style collard greens! They will become one of your favorite Easter side dishes. Simmered with bacon, onion, and garlic, these easy Southern Collard Greens are absolutely delicious!

These scrumptious and easy Southern Collard Greens are the perfect side for all your favorite southern main courses like fried catfish, hamburger steak, fried chicken, and smothered pork chops.

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An authentic Southern Collard Greens recipe that is amazing for any occasion! Fresh collard greens broken down into bite-sized pieces that slowly simmer away and tenderize in a rich, meaty, and flavorful broth; better known as the pot likker. This staple among Southern cuisine and Black culture is an absolute must to be had!

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You're going to LOVE these bacon-free collards! These collard greens are quickly cooked in olive oil and finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. They're the perfect simple, green side dish. #collardgreens #collards #healthyrecipe #sidedish #cookieandkate Healthy Recipes, Vegetable Recipes, Fresh, Bacon, Best Collard Greens Recipe, Quick Collard Greens Recipe, Vegan Collard Greens, Cooking Collard Greens, Collard Greens Recipe

These collard greens are quickly cooked in olive oil and finished with a squeeze of lemon juice. You're going to love these healthy, vegetarian collards! Recipe yields 2 side servings. To make multiples, simply repeat the ingredients and instructions below (cook each batch separately for best results).

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