Bird house

Enhance your backyard with beautiful bird houses that attract a variety of birds. Explore top ideas to create a welcoming haven for feathered friends.

From my personal collection of ephemera, free printables for you to use in your mixed media/collage work! Also ok to use in your digital art as well. Even though i have non-profit only license set to these you may feel free to use these incorporated into artwork that you sell without asking me first. You may not: - Post these elsewhere as your own images. - Sell on collage sheets, on CD Collections, or as an indivdual image. Questions? Just Ask! Enjoy!

Don Carr

Winter is coming, frost and snow are a challenge to the birds that remain in the city. We can help them with some little expedient! " I was wondering where the ducks go when the Central Park lagoon got all icy and frozen?" This is what the hero of The Catcher in the Rye by Salinger, wonders about.

Carol Anne Reidy

Welcome songbirds to your yard with this Spring Cottage Birdhouse, adorned with cheerful color, front porch, hanging rugs and a floral wreath. This wooden birdhouse has a pine-shingled roof and a 1¼ dia. entry hole made for wrens, finches and chickadees. Open the back wall for easy cleaning.

Sabine&JM Debiève Deron