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I recently had to recall my knowledge as a nutrition major of the BRAT diet food list. My 3 year old and I survived an 8 hour puking sickness (at the same time) all night while my husband was working the night shift. Wow that was horrible. My boy was such a trooper, and after

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When your stomach's in knots, a bland diet can provide much-needed relief. This easy guide breaks down the basics and shares tasty recipe inspo to keep mealtimes interesting (and easy on the tum!). I've got the scoop on delicious (yet gentle) eats that'll have your belly saying "ahhh" in no time. Save this pin for a handy reference whenever your stomach needs some TLC! Click the link to explore the list of foods to avoid on a bland diet from our recent blog!

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If you have an ulcer, chronic gastritis or gastroesophageal reflux disease or have recently had a surgery on your digestive tract, your doctor may place you on a bland diet. On this diet, you’ll need to avoid all foods that are spicy, highly seasoned, high in fiber or difficult to digest.