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Explore a variety of body craft ideas to enhance your fitness journey and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Discover tips, tricks, and inspiration to help you achieve your fitness goals.
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The preschool years are a time of exploration and discovery. They are also filled with learning a lot about what makes us unique individuals. Recently, I started working with my toddler on identifying and naming body parts and reading various All About Me Books. Today we’re sharing a fun all about me preschool science activity...Read More

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Body awareness and being able to identify body parts is an important aspect of a child’s development. Knowing the different body parts can help children learn how to follow instructions (clean your hands vs clean your nose) or express themselves (my tummy hurts vs my hand hurts). Typically, children would start pointing to different parts of their body when an adult names them between 15 to 18 months, and would start labeling them by the age of 2. Learning different body part

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For our craft activity this week we created a shape person. Then added a fun hairstyle (various styles included in template). Materials: Shape Person Template downloaded & printed (Included in My Body Preschool Pack) construction paper (your choice of color) glue scissors crayons marker optional- googly eyes Teaching Moments: As your child colors the […]

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