Bohemian dreamcatcher

Enhance your bedroom with bohemian dreamcatcher ideas that bring a touch of whimsy and tranquility. Discover how to create your own dreamy sanctuary with these captivating designs.
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This beautiful large handmade white crochet and macrame dream catcher is a perfect boho wall hanging for home decor. Made with love and good vibes it's perfect for a bohemian bedroom, nursery room, kids bedroom, or living room. Dream catchers originate from Native American cultures. The dream catcher is believed to protect a person from bad dreams. The good dreams filter down through the feathers and gently reach the dreamer while the bad dreams get caught. Dream catchers are believed to…

DIY Star Macrame Wall Hanging with Lights Bedroom, Boho, Diy, Dream Catchers, Bohemian Dreamcatcher, Macrame Wall Hanging, Macrame Dream Catcher, Dream Catcher Boho, Macrame Wall

Ready to make the most enchanting craft around? This Star Macrame Wall Hanging is adorned with twinkling string lights which make it mesmerizing. You can even make a Moon Macrame Wall Hanging to accompany it! This project combines boho macramé with the cozy ambiance of fairy lights, making it a captivating addition to any room

Kelsi Cade