Explore the versatile uses of borax, from an effective cleaning agent to a key ingredient in DIY crafts. Discover how borax can simplify your cleaning routine and inspire your creative projects.
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Wait, what? No, I haven’t lost my mind… laundry stripping is a real thing and it has nothing to do with that stripping!! Simply put, laundry stripping is a tactic used to remove excess detergent, minerals, dirt, oil, and stench from clothing, bedding, etc. It’s been gaining a lot of popularity and videos of dirty bath water have gone viral. I’ve been intrigued for a few weeks now and decided to give it a try myself…

Cindy Fiedler
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These borax crystals are SO COOL and beautiful! Use pipe cleaners and a simple borax and water solution to grow your own crystal gems. This is such a pretty and fun science experiment! Borax Crystals Making borax crystals is such a cool science experiment. It takes a bit of patience to let the crystals grow, but the results are amazing! Borax crystals are a great chemistry experiment showing the recrystallization process. Kids can see how molecules react to different temperatures, and…

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