Experience the exhilaration of bowfishing and learn essential tips and tricks to master this unique sport. Explore top ideas for equipment, techniques, and locations to get started on your bowfishing adventure.
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Bowfishing is a fun and exciting outdoor activity that will help keep your archery skills honed during the off-season. It combines many of the world’s most popular outdoor activities, including fishing, bowhunting, boating, and outdoor fellowship. In most states, bowfishing has few restrictions, making it easy for just about anyone to get started. Most areas […]

Kevin O'Toole
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Photographs by Matt Nager “Shoot it!” Shanon Lanphar hollers as he spins the boat around, water slapping against the hull. “There it goes! C’mon! Shoot it!” Shanon’s son Briceson grabs his bow and scrambles to the side, scanning the waves. The teenager draws and releases. A miss. He reels hastily and nocks for a second shot when another arrow parts the water. His uncle, Travis Lanphar, reels in the target—a sodden map of Missouri’s Table Rock Lake. Moments earlier the wind had ripped the map…

Diana Arment

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