Braided friendship bracelets

Celebrate your friendship with trendy braided friendship bracelets. Find the perfect gift for your besties and show them how much they mean to you with these unique and stylish bracelets.
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🩷💛🩷💛🩷💛🩷💛🩷💛🩷💛🩷💛🩷 ✨These bracelets are custom, handmade, and adjustable bracelets! ✨You can pick your bracelet design from several different patterns and customize your colors! ✨There are 13 different types. All are adjustable and hand woven. Made with embroidery thread/floss. The end is braided. ✨These are pre-order bracelets, pick your pattern and colors and I will send it to you as soon as possible! ✨Shipping is 1-3 days. Should expect delivery within a week! ✨Thank you for…