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Show your appreciation to your bridesmaids with unique and personalized cards. Explore a wide selection of designs and find the perfect way to ask your friends to be a part of your special day.
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While I’m always a fan of DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Projects, there are also so many creative and beautiful options out there for the less crafty among us. To help all you recently engaged brides find the perfect proposal for your ladies, I’ve created a collection of beautiful Bridesmaid Proposals that you can buy on Etsy. The best part is all the items on this list are under $15 each, so start your wedding planning off right with some affordable inspiration to invite your best friends to your…

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will you be my bridesmaid cards. Whenever you include a card, you are given the opportunity to express (hand-written!) sentiments to your gift recipient. It can be short and sweet, but something along the lines of, “Thanks for always being there” or...

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Modern minimalist bridesmaid proposal card template - the perfect way to pop the question to your besties in a unique and humorous way! This editable bridesmaid proposal card is a must have addition to your bridesmaid proposal box! Our 5 by 7 printable template is easy to use and comes with instructions on how to edit and print your invitation. After you place the order, you will get a PDF file for instant download (can also be accessed via Etsy profile, Purchases then Download). You will be…

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↓ M A T C H I N G - I T E M S ↓ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Why wait for designers when you can edit an already pre-made design yourself? These DIY editable templates are literally the perfect, time-saving and money-saving way of getting your own designs ready in no time! These templates are done through Canva which is a free online editing tool that allows you to edit our work quickly and easily…