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Explore a variety of traditional British dishes that will delight your taste buds. From comforting classics to modern twists, discover the best recipes to enjoy with family and friends.
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Several years ago I was at a local farmer’s market, looking over a baker’s spread, when a small round pastry caught my eye. It was neatly stacked on its fellows, each crimped, golden, and speckled with grains of sugar. What’s that? I asked the amiable proprietor. Even from my side of the table they looked heavy and firm, like little pats of butter. English Eccles cakes! he said, in a rolling British accent.

Kelli Schade-Miller
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There aren’t many dishes that can rival to a traditional steak pie when it comes to providing a satisfying level of heartiness and warmth. And when it comes to finding a good recipe, who better to ask than renowned chef Gordon Ramsay? This traditional British recipe, which he has reimagined with delicate bits of beef, creamy gravy, and a golden puff pastry covering, is sure to satiate any desires you may have.

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