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Get detailed building instructions for your next DIY project. Follow these step-by-step guides to create beautiful and functional pieces for your home.
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My third (and fourth) CC-standard build, based off of the classic American diners and Art Deco movie theaters of the 1930s and 40s. Instructions showing the construction of the stairs in the theater. Step 1 shows the bricks needed in each stair - two are brown just because I had a lot and they aren't visible in the final one. On the first stair, replace the inverted slope with a standard 1x2 brick. Step 2 shows how the panels fit into the slot created - this is purely a friction fit. Steps 3…

Colleen Watt
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For the 2015 Eastern States Exposition in Massachusetts, LEGO offered visitors the chance to make-and-take a cow model, complete with rotating head and swinging tail. This is an official LEGO model, similar to the Americana Roadshow miniature buildings, but unless you attended the event in person, you may not have heard about it.

James Altland