Buttercream fondant

Learn how to make and decorate cakes with mouthwatering buttercream fondant. Find expert tips and ideas to create beautiful and delectable cakes for any occasion.
How to Make Buttercream fondant|Buttercream fondant is a great alternative for those who do not like traditional fondant|Includes recipe and tips and tricks to use the buttercream fondant Cake Decorating Tips, Cake, Fondant, Cake Decorating Tutorials, Easy Fondant Recipe, Buttercream Fondant, Icing Recipe, Homemade Fondant, Homemade Fondant Recipes

The tales of two fondants is my experiment making rolled buttercream fondant and marshmallow fondant. Includes step-by-step guide and all the juicy details about making them.

Shannon Wilkinson
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Fondant can be challenging, but there are tricks to make it easier. This post is filled with all of my best tips on how to cover a cake with fondant. It looks so easy when you watch someone cover a cake on video, but actually doing it is another thing totally. It takes lots of practice, but you really can get the hang of it with some tips up your sleeve. | Fondant Tutorials

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