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Elevate your accessory game with our collection of unique and stylish button bracelet designs. Discover how to create a statement piece that showcases your personal style and adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.
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hey loves :) Today I have a tutorial to make your own bracelets with nothing but buttons and string. Miss last week's button tutorial? Click Here :) You will need: - buttons (25ish) - embroidery floss - scissors - tape (optional) Step 1: First you need your string. When it comes to measurement, here's what I always go by: Three times the length around around your wrist, multiplied by two. You WILL have string to trim at the end, but it's worth it to make sure you're able to tie off the end…

Pauline Savini
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My girlfriend came over to refill my estrogen reserves last week, and brought with her a fantastic craft for us to do together while chatting, laughing, gossiping and catching up after her long vacation. One third of the way through summer vacation with three boys, she knew just what I needed. She brought over a bunch of stuff for us to sit down and make our own button bracelets. So fun! The greatest part was that each of our bracelets turned out differently! Do you want to join us? Let's…

Jeanie Spiecha
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Accessorize with this cute button necklace – a unique piece that’s easy to do! TUTORIAL: Hannah, The Beach Shack Project If you have a big jar of odd shapes and sizes of buttons lying around at home just waiting for a use, why not turn them into a beautiful statement button necklace. It’s easy to...

Rochelle Withers
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Remember that? That old children’s game could provide endless hours of giggles. I love buttons. Maybe that’s because I was raised by a dressmaker, who was raised by a dressmaker... Some of my earliest memories are playing in my Mom’s button jar. http://www.bijoulovelydesigns.com I fondly remember sitting Indian-style on our harvest gold shag rug (it was the 70's after all)! If I was being really good, Mom would let me spill a big jar full of buttons on the floor of her sewing room and I…

Patsy Disney
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Materials and tools you'll need: assorted buttons embroidery floss, waxed cord, thin twine (any sturdy thread that is small enough to fit through button holes will work) scissors something to measure your floss nail polish (optional but helpful) super glue (also optional) Choose the buttons that you want on your bracelet. For a single strand bracelet, you'll need 9 to 14 buttons. The number varies with how big your buttons are and how long you want the finished bracelet to be. Choose what…

Stéphanie Caron

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