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We had been after Millicent Safro, the extraordinary owner of the extraordinary button shop, Tender Buttons, to let us interview her for Idiosyncratic Fashionistas for better part of a year. But Millicent, a woman of unflagging energy (and a woman of a certain age), was often away on business (buying and selling buttons), Jean was occasionally away on business, and Valerie was occasionally down with yet another cold. When at last all our various schedules aligned, the two of us grabbed our…

Linda Kay Archibald
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In this post, I’ll go over a brief history of buttons, button storage, and types of buttons. I love buttons. Before I started sewing, I used to work at an antique shop, and I would just bring home cool buttons because I couldn't pass them up. I didn't even have a use for them--I just wanted them to

Cindy Jolliffe DeAngelis