Calum Hood

Explore the fascinating journey of Calum Hood, from his early days with 5 Seconds of Summer to his thriving solo career. Discover his musical evolution and find out what's next for this talented artist.
#wattpad #fanfiction Tilly, a young zoologist traveling the globe, living with animals not humans, rarely speaking of her family, her home, or her life. That is, until a beautiful tan skinned musican wanders in to volunteer with the animal rehabilitation center she has been working at in the mountains west of Sydney.  ... 5 Seconds Of Summer, Romans, Luke Hemmings, Summer, Bb, Calum Hood, Thomas Hood, Calum Thomas Hood, Hood

Being a nomad fits Tilly's lifestyle, and she is more than happy with the unconventional way she lives. Being disconnected from the world had been one of her strengths over the course of her life, that is until a stranger enters her world and without trying causes her to question everything... Can she find a way to have the boy without losing herself? Or should she simply stay, disconnected..? *** Calum Hood fanfiction *rated mature for possibly disturbing medical content, language, and…

emily m

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