Camper furniture

Transform your camper into a cozy and functional space with these creative furniture ideas. Make the most out of your next adventure with stylish and space-saving furniture solutions.
DIY RV DINETTE REPLACEMENT: The dinette is a piece of RV furniture that I don't use - so I removed it! See how I did this RV dinette replacement myself and put a comfy recliner in its place. Motorhome Remodel, Camper Trailer Remodel, Vintage Camper Remodel, Diy Camper Remodel, Camper Renovation, Camper Trailers, Rv Dinnete Remodel, Pod Camper, Travel Trailer Camping

For me, the 3 most important items inside an RV are: a decent bed, a decent shower, and a decent kitchen. You'll notice that an RV dinette is not on that list! Since a dinette is not an item that I use, I decided to remove it myself. Here's how I tackled the RV dinette replacement myself... and put a comfy recliner in its place!

Hazel Riley