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Fillmore is a supporting character in the Disney/Pixar Cars franchise. He is a smooth-talking hippie VW mini-bus. Fillmore is the owner of Fillmore's Taste-In, where he sells organic fuel. "Fillmore is Radiator Springs' resident hippie. A believer in individuality and all things natural, he brews his own organic fuel and preaches its many benefits. Visitors can try Fillmore's special flavors in the tasting room behind his love-bead and tie-dye-covered geodesic dome. His many conspiracy…

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"What's wrong with Red?" —Lightning McQueen, Cars Red is a silent fire truck who serves as Radiator Springs' local fire truck and firefighter. In Cars, Red is very shy and initially did not like Lightning McQueen because of accidentally destroying his plants and the main road by dragging the statue of stanley out of it, but he eventually took a liking to him. In Mater and the Ghostlight, Red is first seen with the rest of the townsfolk at Flo's V8 Café, listening to Sheriff tell his story…

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Flo, whenever she spots visitors approaching Radiator SpringsIs that what I think it is? Flo is a character in the Disney•Pixar Cars franchise. She is the owner of her café which is called Flo's V8 Café. While she was staying in Radiator Springs, Flo and her friends who resided there had many customers, buying whatever they wanted. Sometime around the 1960s, however, the Interstate 40 was built to bypass the town, and it, along with the rest of Route 66 was completely forgotten. Because of…

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Sir Tow Mater, most commonly referred to as Tow Mater or simply Mater, is the deuteragonist of the Disney•Pixar Cars franchise. He is a rusty old tow truck and Lightning McQueen's best friend. He is a major character in Cars, the protagonist of Cars 2, and a supporting character in Cars 3. John Lasseter describes Mater to be one of those special characters, as being fun and lovable,[1] an "idiot savant about obscure little knowledge",[2] as well as being a lot like the late Joe Ranft…

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Sheriff is a supporting character in the Disney/Pixar Cars franchise. He is the local sheriff of Radiator Springs. "There's a long history of law enforcement in Sheriff's family. His father was a traffic cop. His aunt, his two cousins on his mother's side, his little brother...even his grandfather was a traffic cop, directing traffic at Times Square in New York around the turn of the century. Sheriff always knew he too would be a cop. After all, how many other options did he have with a name…