Catholic schools week activities

Celebrate Catholic Schools Week with exciting and educational activities for students of all ages. Discover ideas to make this week memorable and meaningful for your school community.
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I’ve celebrated Catholic Schools Week (CSW) every year since I was in kindergarten. When I was younger the week was always filled with school spirit and fun activities each day. Now I’m in charge of creating the fun! For the past 12 years, I have led a team of teachers to plan the best CSW...

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Catholic Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Free Printable - Confirmation, Pre K, Catholic Homeschool, Catholic Crafts, Catholic Sacraments, Catholic Schools Week, Catholic Kids Activities, Catholic Kids Crafts, Catholic Faith Formation

Kids will enjoy looking around their parish church for the items in this eye spy scavenger hunt. Simply have them look for the items and either color or check the box once discovered. Object include: Monstrance, Tabernacle, Crucifix, Stations of the Cross, Sanctuary Lamp, Stained Glass Window, Presider’s Chair, Baptismal Font, Organ, Hymnal, Alter, Statue,… Read More »Catholic Scavenger Hunt for Kids – Free Printable

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My kids just love those "I Spy" books! (Ya know, the ones were each page has a huge picture and a list of things to find in the picture!!) So when I was trying to think of things to keep a group of teens and older children busy I thought it would be a fun

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