Cats in christmas trees

Experience the joy and mischief of cats in Christmas trees with these adorable and funny moments. Get ready to laugh and be charmed by these furry friends during the holiday season.
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The most wonderful time of the year is here! Many of us naturally get excited for the holidays. But what's better than humans getting excited for Christmas: cats getting excited for Christmas (or more so the Christmas decorations). Cats are curious creatures and they never fail to remind us that.

Vicki Mickle
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What would Christmas be without the beloved and highly ornate Evergreen tree? Without it, where would Santa leave his presents? Keeping your Christmas decorations safe and sound until the gifts come is an easy task if you live in a pet-less household, but if you're an owner to an evil cat named Mr. Mittens or a funny dog named Scruffy, it might become a mission impossible.

María Orozco
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Whether your pet is extremely curious, incredibly playful, or simply enjoys the feeling of safety in a cramped den, sooner or later it might get stuck and require a helping paw to get out. At that moment, they might feel a tad scared, a trifle silly, and possibly even derpy. But have no fear! Your owner is here! No doggy door, wall, window, or cardboard tube will stand in the way of the rescue attempt (cuddles included).

Janice Rigas