Charlotte mason unschooling

Explore the innovative teaching approach of Charlotte Mason unschooling to foster creativity and independent thinking in your child. Discover the benefits and practical tips to implement this educational philosophy.
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Librivox and Ambleside are a Great Match

I love the wonderful lists of Living Books compiled by For fans of Charlotte Mason, Classical Education and even Unschoolers, their website is a treasure trove of great resources, even if you don't plan to follow their curriculum.

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Unschooling When Charlotte Mason Also Appeals to Our Hearts - Stories of an Unschooling Family Nature, Books And Art, I Say Goodbye, Art And Nature, Classical Period, Shakespeare Plays, Living Books, Girls Together, Charlotte Mason

Unschooling When Charlotte Mason Also Appeals to Our Hearts - Stories of an Unschooling Family

Do some aspects of the various methods of homeschooling appeal to you? How about living books? And art and nature study? What about the classics? Journaling and drawing? Years ago, I was drawn to Charlotte Mason’s ideas. There is something very attractive about her way of doing things, isn't there? Short lessons make sense for

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A Homeschool Day: Winter Rhythm - Charlotte Mason & Unschooling - Eclectic Homeschool

Our winter homeschool rhythm--a mix of Charlotte Mason and unschooling with lots of nature, reading, art, music, curiosity, exploration, and room for play.

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Charlotte Mason Classical Homeschool Curriculum Plan

This will be our 19th year of homeschooling! Come see our homeschool curriculum plan for this coming school year, with a focus on Charlotte Mason and classical home education styles.

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