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With the costs of commodities rising day after day, you might be wondering how to live cheaply. Is cheap living still possible? We pay for everything–to eat, have a roof over our heads, have something to wear, be healthy, entertain ourselves--everything! And it's so easy to take the money out of our pockets, but it takes time

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Cosplay can get expensive, especially if you're taking it seriously and regularly trying out new ideas. So take it from Anucha “Cha” Saengchart. The Internet's beloved cosplay enthusiast and the creator behind "Lowcost Cosplay" is back at it again to remind us that it's possible to transform into someone else on a shoestring budget. All it takes is creativity.

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Back-to-school means cheap pizza for fans of Domino’s. The chain announced this week that its stores nationwide will offer 50% off menu-priced pizzas ordered online from August 26 through September 1. The promo could affect smaller independent pizzeria operators who already struggle to compete with the national chains. For them, here are 15 tips for [...]Read More...

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It is not going to be easy finding cheap business class tickets. You would need to consider the number of people trying to find those same tickets too. Don't worry, though, because we did some research regarding how to get cheap business class tickets and we found the best ways to get them.

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How to book cheap flights? Many blogs and articles are sponsored and supported by credit card companies that make substantial amounts of money by getting readers to sign up for a credit card. The are better ways to find the cheapest flights.

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