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Elevate your cheerleading skills and team spirit with these fun and exciting ideas for cheer camp. Get ready to learn new routines, stunts, and cheers that will take your cheerleading to the next level.
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Motions are the absolute foundation of cheerleading. If you strip away the flashy props, the stunts, the tumbling, the music and get down to it, the most important role of a cheerleader is to lead cheers. You can’t have cheers without motions. Well, I mean, technically you could, but how boring would that be?! Even … Learning Cheerleading Motions Read More »

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There are two types of cheerleaders – those who love jumps and those who try to avoid them at all costs. I am definitely a jump person! Jumps are a relatively simple way to add excitement and visual interest to your cheers, routines, and general spiriting. Though it may take some cheerleaders a little bit of … Learning the Cheerleading Jumps Read More »

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If you've been to cheer camp before, you know camp is tons of fun, but lots of hard work! If this is your first year attending camp, you probably aren't quite sure what to expect. Maybe you've heard crazy camp stories and aren't sure what's in store for you. Well, the great thing about cheer camp is that you'll get a lot of everything. Camp is lots of fun, lots of sweat, lots of cheers and chants to remember, etc. It's a lot of great things rushing at you, but luckily most camps only last a…

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Here's a hard truth about cheer: the season really does not end. Cheer athletes practice, compete, or prepare for the next season, twelve months out of the year. Sometimes, the work is grueling, and the sport doesn't feel fun at all. The excitement of a new team or new choreography wears off, or it’s the

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