Chinese chicken salad dressing recipe rice vinegar

Elevate your salad game with this flavorful Chinese chicken salad dressing recipe made with rice vinegar. Learn how to make this tangy and refreshing dressing that will take your salads to the next level.
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Amazing Asian Dressing

This dressing so awesome! I love it! You could throw it on anything and it tastes good. You could drizzle it over any kind of meat for an Asian flare. The recipe doesn't make a ton as written, but could be dobled, or tripled. I love the strong sesame taste, and this tastes as good or even better than any Asian dressing I hvae had at a restaurant. Amazing Asian Dressing 2 tbs sesame oil 2 tbs soy sauce 2 tbs sugar 2 tbs rice vinegar 2 tsp pepper 1 tbs sesame seeds 1 tbs mayo 1 tsp lemon juice…

Debbie Martinez
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Chinese Chicken Salad

This Chinese Chicken Salad has the BEST homemade dressing and is easy to make with fresh lettuce, cabbage, chicken, and crispy toppings! This is truly a restaurant-worthy recipe. Be sure to try my Egg Roll

Susan Hanson
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Vietnamese Chicken Salad With Sweet Lime-Garlic Dressing

Goi ga trong, also known as Vietnamese chicken salad, is a traditional dish that is popular in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries. The dish is known for its fresh and light flavors, as wel…

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Crunchy Chinese Chicken Salad - 4 Sons 'R' Us

Move on over traditional chicken salad, because this crunchy Chinese chicken salad with ramen noodles is the delicious new twist you didn't know you needed. It marries traditional ingredients with crunchy texture, and gives it an Asian zing that creates a perfectly refreshing combination. It's quick and easy to whip up, even at the last minute for barbecues, parties, and even potlucks.

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