Chinese sweet buns

Explore a variety of mouthwatering Chinese sweet bun recipes that will satisfy your cravings. Learn how to make these delectable treats at home and indulge in the perfect blend of sweetness and softness.
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Cocktail buns aka Chinese Coconut buns has its origins in Hong Kong which is a sweet bun,filled with a buttery, milky sweet coconut paste. This bun was created some time in the 1950's in Hong Kong, when the owners of a local bakery were left with quite a few unsold but perfectly good buns.Then the owners ground them up with sugar to make a filling which was put into freshly baked buns the next day. While the original buns were made with filling made only from left over buns and sugar, some…

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Enter any Chinese style bakery and you’ll find baked Chinese buns filled with a sweet, fragrant coconut mixture. There are two parts to this recipe: the milk dough, and the coconut filling. This is a recipe that my Mom learned in a Hong Kong based cooking school, and that we’ve simplified for the American style …

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Pork buns with a savory and sweet pork filling surrounded by buttery, melt-in-your-mouth, slightly sweet, super soft bread much like those from good Chinese bakeries. The best baked BBQ pork buns you'll ever eat.- Slightly adapted bun dough and filling sauce from chef-owner Aquan Jiang at Dim Sum House in Morrisville, North Carolina.- Char siu pork recipe by Melissa Chow at

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