Chocolate party

Indulge in a chocolate lover's dream with these delightful chocolate party ideas. From mouthwatering desserts to creative decorations, make your next celebration a sweet success.
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Chocolate Charcuterie Board: perfect for the chocolate lover, tips on building your board, and ingredient suggestions. Where are all the chocolate lovers at? This chocolate charcuterie board is perfect for you. My daughter loves chocolate, so we thought this would be a fun addition to her birthday party as part of dessert -and it was!...

SaDee Peterson
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When I was making my post for charcuterie boards, I stumbled across dessert boards and just HAD to share them with you! There are a variety of ways you can do this. You can have only chocolate. You can have just cookies. You can mix and match. You can add fruits. You may add candy.

Diane Teubes
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Who can resist a chocolate dipped pretzel? These came out so amazing that I have to ban the family from the kitchen or there will be none left to gift! I banned myself, as well! I used my food processor to grind up my own oreos for one of the toppings and also used it for full size Heath candy bars. Those were my favorite. You can pulse them to just the right texture this way! I used Merckens chocolates which you can buy on Amazon. I also love disposable pastry bags to pipe the chocolate…