Chocolate pots de creme recipes

Indulge in these mouthwatering chocolate pots de creme recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Discover how to make these decadent desserts and impress your guests.
Easy chocolate pots de creme

This chocolate pots de crème recipe is the most luxurious (yet easy to make) dessert. Each spoonful is decadently rich and oh, so chocolatey!

Amanda Foley
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Outside of France, for some reason, Pots de Crème are the underdog of French custards. They don’t receive nearly as much love as crème brulées do – but if you go to France, it’s a whole different story. The French love their dairy products: yogurts of all kinds and what we call the “crèmes desserts”. If you ever visit a French supermarket, you will assuredly stumble on our entire refrigerated aisle(s) devoted to yogurts, fromages blancs, flans, mousses, faisselles and all kinds of custards…