Choices have consequences

Explore the impact of choices and their consequences in various aspects of life. Learn how your decisions shape your future and make informed choices for a better tomorrow.
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My Saturday Gratitude Check-In: Choice | Mom Of Two Little Girls

Today I am grateful that I have the luxury of choice. Everyone always says 'you are free to choose', but sometimes the choices you have are not always what you thought they would be.

Michele Thurber Schmukler
Every choice has a consequence. Be okay with what consequences may come before choosing. Wise Words, Cause And Effect Quotes, Great Quotes, Beautiful Words, Mantra, Inspirational Words, Words Quotes, Cool Words, Favorite Quotes

The Consequences of Our Actions

Last week my family and I were driving along when we came across a horrific car accident. We had missed it by a couple of minutes. By the time we happened upon it several people were already there, helping out. We could only see one of the vehicles. The front of the SUV was a bunch of twisted, smoking metals. Inside was an elderly couple. The wife had to be Life-Flighted to the hospital, due to her injuries. We did not see the other vehicle, and to be honest, I'm glad we didn't. Turns out it…

Melissa Adam