Chuck roast pressure cooker

Cook a mouthwatering chuck roast in a pressure cooker with these delicious recipes. Save time and enjoy tender and flavorful meals with these easy-to-follow ideas.
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Move over slow-cooker, this Instant Pot Chuck Roast is a game-changer! Pressure cooking makes an incredibly tender and flavorful chuck roast recipe that is comfort food at its best. It’s easy to prepare and ready in just over an hour – so it’s perfect for the holidays!

tamorrise binns

Chuck Roast is my favorite meat to prepare. It’s relatively inexpensive. Especially if you catch it on sale like I always do. And it is absolutely divine when slow cooked into fork tender slithers of beef. Smother with some savory gravy and man! It’s a meal! I typically cook it stovetop or in the oven...Continue Reading

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