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Step right up and explore the world of circus sideshows. Discover captivating acts and thrilling performances to amaze and entertain your audience. Get ready to be transported to a world of wonder and excitement.
The Half-Man Half-Woman, one of the first sideshow performers to be immortalized in film. Madison Square Garden, Films, Lady And Gentlemen, American Actress, Beauty And The Beast, Circus Performers, Wealthy Women, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Cirque

Real Name: Josephine-JosephTime Frame: Early 1900sAmazing Fact: Though it is unknown whether the individual was truly a hermaphrodite or rather a skilled impersonator, Josephine-Joseph's half-man/half-woman body landed her/him a role in the 1932 film Freaks, where she/he famously begin the chant, "We accept her, we accept her. One of us, one of us."

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People have always been fascinated by the strange and weird, and this fascination found a thriving home in the circus sideshows of the past two centuries. The banners that advertised the wonders within were hand painted with vibrant colors and images that would draw even the most morally upright into the mysteries of the sideshow. […]

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