Coding classes for kids

Unlock your child's potential with engaging coding classes designed specifically for kids. Help them develop essential skills in problem-solving and creativity while having a blast!
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As a computer scientist, I am passionate about exposing kids to computer programming from a young age. After posting this list of Educational Kids Apps That Don’t Require Wi-Fi (which contains a free coding app!), I got lots of requests for more coding programs for kids. My kids learned to code on free coding websites […]

Judy Johnson
Coding for kids is so important! These are the best resources for teaching kids to code! Games and apps that programming for kids both fun and engaging. Simple Science Activities, Programming Games, Fun Science Experiments For Kids, Fun Science Experiments, Kids Coding, Science Experiments Kids Elementary, Teaching Stem, Computational Thinking, Kindergarten Reading Activities

Want to know more about coding for kids? These are the best resources for teaching kids to code! As a programmer and homeschooling parent, I am very interested in coding for kids and teaching my kids to code. So I researched and tested all of the best programming games and apps for kids and compiled them here for you!

Connie Corbin