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Navigate the college experience like a pro with these essential tips for college kids. Discover strategies for academic success, socializing, and personal growth to make the most of your college years.
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President Obama has been arguing for a number of plans to reduce the burden of student loans such as artificially low interest rates and allowing for some loans to be discharged through bankruptcy. Many young adults are struggling with student loan debt. The president’s solutions may temporarily help some, but it will help neither students nor the […]

Kid going to college? Have the 'money talk' College Kids, School Hacks, Tween, College, Pre Kindergarten, College Info, Higher Education, Cool Kids, University Of Colorado

My son is 18 and headed off to the University of Colorado in a few weeks. I just sat down with him to have a talk about money. Among other things, I showed him my credit report online. His eyes widened. "They know all of that about you?"They don't teach this stuff in high school.Of all the worries you have as you watch your child pack, financial literacy may not be the one making you sweat. But yo

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