Converted vans

Transform your van into a unique living space with these creative ideas for converted vans. Explore innovative designs and practical solutions to make the most of your mobile lifestyle.
DIY Novices Create $226K Campervan Marvel: Bed Descends From Ceiling, Toilet Slides from Bathroom to Garage - Living in a shoebox Camper, Camping, Caravan, Van Conversion Interior, Campervan Interior, Camper Van Life, Van Living, Camper Conversion, Van Conversion

Travel enthusiasts Edden Ram, a filmmaker, and Nicole Sun, an artist, have always had a passion for exploring the world. After years of globetrotting, they decided to take their adventures up a notch. Looking for a blend of comfort and style in their travels, they jumped into the van life trend and splurged on a 2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Having shelled out $58,000 for their new van, Edden and Nicole dove into transforming it into their dream luxury home on wheels. The twist? Neither of…

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25 Alternative Home Ideas: Tiny Houses, RVs, Boats & More (From Real Residents) | Apartment Therapy Camping, Apartment Therapy, Van, Volkswagen, Campervan, Campervan Interior, Camper Van, Camper Life, Van Conversion

Gone are the days of assuming someone’s “home” means a structure affixed to solid ground or built from common construction materials. Homeowners around the world have creatively designed and built a wide variety of homes, from converting school buses and vans to homes on wheels, to repurposing shipping containers, barns, garages, and backyard sheds. Alternative homes don’t just refer to the Tiny House movement anymore!

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