Copper pyramid

Enhance your home decor with unique copper pyramid accents. Discover top ideas to incorporate this trendy metallic element into your living space for a stylish and modern look.
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Pyramid Connector-kits

51 Degree Copper Meditation Pyramid Components and Upgrades Create the Finest Quality, Handcrafted Room-sized Copper Meditation Pyramid for Healing. Each Meditation Pyramid System radiates the Monadic, Soul-filled Light & Healing Blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ for Redemption & Planetary Ascension. Buddha Maitreya the Christ's 51 Degree Ascension Meditation Pyramids are modular -

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Discover Copper Pyramids for Healing & Pyramid Meditations with Energy Healer Linda Armstrong

What I have learned about this copper healing pyramid is that it activates the Third Eye Chakra and also activates the Heart Chakra. Meditation pyramids assist you to achieving deep meditative states and accelerate healing on the spiritual, mental, and the physical levels.

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