Cornbread and cake mix recipe

Discover mouthwatering recipes that combine the flavors of cornbread and cake mix. Try these easy and irresistible dishes to satisfy your cravings.
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Pin attempt #33 Sweet cornbread Recently I went for lunch at a restaurant we have here in Fort Worth called McKinley's (which is super yummy, but very busy) and with the sandwich I ordered they put a little mini cornbread muffin. I have a long standing love affair with cornbread and I never deny myself any when it's offered (especially for free). This particular muffin was DELICIOUS and I had never had one so sweet and cake like. I was telling someone about it later and they informed me that…

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While summer is still here, I wanted to remind us that it is the time of County fairs. In some places that means rides and funnel cake, in others it means farm competitions and animal sales. For those of us in the Central Pennsylvania county of my youth, it meant our 4-H projects needed to be fini

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