Cottage cheese pancakes low carb

Indulge in guilt-free pancakes with this delicious low carb cottage cheese pancake recipe. Try these fluffy and satisfying pancakes that are perfect for a healthy breakfast or brunch.
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These cottage cheese pancakes are packed with 8.2g of protein, and just 109 calories!Plus, you'll find a healthy pancake topping guide with low calorie, healthy pancake toppings. Special Tip: You can use any size cottage cheese curd you like in this recipe, though we have found that "Small Curd" works best.

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This recipe for making 7-ingredient keto cottage cheese pancakes is such a great pancake base for all your favorite keto toppings. It’s also high in protein and fiber, making it an ideal power breakfast. How to Make Keto Cottage Cheese Pancakes These keto cottage cheese pancakes are very easy to make and each pancake packs...

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