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Discover unique and practical ways to use cotton balls in your daily life. From beauty hacks to household tips, explore top ideas to make the most of this versatile item.
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Face Secrets Cotton Balls 500ct. | Cotton Balls

What is it? With three times the weight of a standard cotton ball, Face Secrets Triple Cotton Balls allow for a more efficient smooth, clean application. Made from 100% pure natural cotton, not only are they softer and better absorbing than synthetics but also more luxurious to the touch. What makes it special? Lint free, great to use with you favorite nail polish remover Use with your favorite cleansers and astringents Ideal for make-up application or removal Combined strength and softness…

Smarty party. Soak cotton balls (and then let them dry) in vanilla or some other scented liquid then place in vacuum canister. Cheaper than vacuum beads... oh, and I think I'm going to try spraying my fav air freshener on the cotton balls. Homemade Lattes, Cotton Ball Holder, Ball Holder, Acrylic Storage, Beauty Organization, Acrylic Organizer, Bath Accessories Set, Cotton Balls, Cotton Ball

Daily Dose of Thrifty: Vacuum Beads vs. Homemade Scented Cotton...

Today's Daily Dose of Thrifty is dealing with your vacuum. Many retails sell expensive vacuum beads that you add to your vacuum bags to leave a fresh smelling aroma all over your house. I have seen these beads sold for a pretty penny (like around $15 at many places) and love the idea of having...

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Other Uses for Cotton Balls - Budget Savvy Diva

Other Great Tips! How to Remove Grease and Oil From Clothing How to Make Fabric Softener Sheets How to Clean a Toilet with Coke Use Mayonnaise to Remove Water Marks on Wood Other Uses for Cotton Balls DIY Ant Control Balls – Read my previous post on how to make these! Save the ends of your rubber […]

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