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Make your Facebook profile stand out with these unique cover photo ideas. Find inspiration to showcase your personality and make a lasting impression on your friends and followers.
Happy Valentine's, Today the Universe is my teacher, my life experiences are my canvas, and my thoughts, feelings and emotions are my paint. I love you all for bringing color to my world! Instagram, Cover Photos Facebook Unique, Fb Cover Photos Unique, Fb Cover Photos, Cover Pics, Facebook Cover Photos, Facebook Cover, Iphone Background Images, Wallpaper Backgrounds

This was taken using a technique that I learned from another flickr member of, she has some basic instructions on her flickr site that I used to get my image going. Although I had to adapt it a bit to fit my situation. Basically I created a small opaque filter to fit on the end of my lens where I have a UV /haze filter already attached. This filter was made from black construction paper and sized and cut to fit the end of the lens so only a small heart shaped section which I cut from the…

Melissa Schreiber