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Discover the power within you to create your own reality. Learn how to manifest your dreams and make them a tangible part of your life.
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You and your friends go to the movies. Afterward when you discuss a particular scene, it's as if you all watched a totally different sequence. One person saw details you didn't even notice, another hated it even as you loved it so. That's the power of quantum mechanics working in our human minds.

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Here are TONS of positive affirmations that are perfect for shifting realities, reality shifting, dimension jumping, moving from current reality (CR) to desired reality (DR) fast! I'll also cover what reality shifting and dimension jumping means and how it's one of the coolest manifestation and law of attraction techniques EVER! Desired Reality Shifting Affirmations, Dr Ideas Shifting Places, Shifting Realities Affirmations, Reality Shifting Affirmations, Desired Reality Aesthetic, How To Shift, Shifting Manifestation, What Is Shifting, Waiting Room Shifting

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite positive affirmations for shifting realities. You'll learn all about what reality shifting is, how positive statements and affirmations can help you do it faster, and