Crochet cat toys

Spoil your furry friend with these creative and adorable crochet cat toys. Find the perfect handmade toy to keep your cat entertained and happy for hours.
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Toy Mouse for Cats Free Amigurumi Pattern - Daisy and Storm

We have a new addition to our already full house – little Deet! Although he’s tiny, he’s holding his own, even with our two dogs, Daisy and Storm. Storm is pretty keen on the new comer, happily playing with him and following him around the house. Daisy, however, is less than impressed. In fact, she

Donyelle Morehouse
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10 Crochet Hammock Free Patterns

Hammocks are the perfect symbols of the summer relaxing and fun. So the summer outdoors are so undone with the décor and the relaxing if you have not installed a hammock there. Be it your garden trees, the backyard or the front porch a hammock addition is going to rock each of these summer comfy zones. Here we have brought to you these 10 crochet hammocks with free patterns to easily make one at home instead of buying. A handmade hammock is surely going to lift up the charm and fun of your…

Lauri Johnson
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Amigurumi Free Seamless Octopus Pattern - DIY Crochet Tutorial - Octopus in one piece, step-by-step

Free Amigurumi Seamless Octopus Pattern Here you can find my version of an amigurumi octopus. Little amigurumi octopodes are great for prematurely born babies - they can crab tentacles. A crocheted octopus can also be baby´s first toy to hold and to play with. It´a known fact that babies like to grab or hold little things in their hands. My son was sleeping better with a ladybug in his both hands to feel secure. I´m making these tiny amigurumi octopodes for pre-born babies and will share my…

Tanya Reid