Cross walls

Transform your walls with unique cross decor. Discover creative ideas to add style and personality to any room in your home.
Cross Wall Collage (w/ dates and where they came from written on the back for a keepsake)

Several years ago I fell in love w/ my aunt Pam’s “Cross Collage Bathroom.” It is kind of like a modern day spoon collection that won’t ever go out of style! So in 2009, I d…

Jenay' Hickman
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Over the next few weeks I’ll be joining Mary Ann of Classic . Casual . Home and Cindy of Rough Luxe Lifestyle and a group of bloggers with our tips on how to create a gallery wall. I have always admired the look of gallery or collage walls, but it wasn’t until my current home... View the Post

Collect different crosses to make a cross wall Inspiration, Decoration, Home Décor, Wall Décor, Home, Wall Crosses, Cross Wall Decor, Wall Decor, Cross Wall Collage

(are you singing MC HAMMER...I am...although I only really know "Y'all ready for this...duh nuhnuh nuh, nuh, nuh..." OK I'll stop!) I think I've invented a sickness in blog world...its called "I read too many blogs and end up wanting to be crafty just like everyone else!" It is really a terrible sickness and I have the worst case! So let me show you what I've been working on the past few weeks... So I'm a total sucker for "puddly" (is that a word?) curtains. LOVE THEM! So I made Joey move…

Cheryle Lerch