Cullinan diamond

Explore the history and allure of the legendary Cullinan Diamond, the largest gem-quality diamond ever found. Learn about its remarkable journey and the exquisite jewelry pieces it has adorned throughout the years.
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A huge gem stone which could become the largest polished round diamond in history was recently unearthed at the Letšeng diamond mine in Lesotho just this past September 8th, 2008. Gem Diamonds and the Lesotho Government, a 30 percent partner in the mine, announced Sunday the recovery of a 478-carat type II D color diamond (shown above) which they say has the potential to yield one of the largest flawless D-color round polished diamonds in history. “Preliminary examination of this remarkable…

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The 3,106-carat enormous rough diamond became the largest ever gem-quality rough diamond to be discovered in the history of mankind, and remains so up to this day. The diamond was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, the discoverer and owner of the Premier Diamond Mine

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