Curling iron hairstyles

Achieve a stunning look with these trendy hairstyles created using a curling iron. Discover step-by-step guides and tips to create beautiful curls and waves that will turn heads.
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50 and 45 mm. Make curls such TOOLS almost unreal, but it can round off the ends of her hair, or make a big wave - it creates the effect of dried hair brushing. Ideal for women with long hair and a square, well it underlines the cascade haircut. But it is not suitable for short haircuts. 38 mm. Used to create large waves curls. 32 mm. Creates medium curls. 25 mm. It makes soft waves in a retro style (a la Veronica Lake hairstyle). 19 mm. Grasping this diameter is also good for creating retro…

Caitlin de Jong