Cute paragraphs for him

Express your love and affection with these adorable and heartfelt paragraphs for him. Make him feel special and loved with these sweet words that will leave him smiling all day long.
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Woman On Twitter Belittles Men Who Order Fruity Or Mixed Drinks And 17 People Come To Teach Her A Lesson

Apparently, some people have a problem with men drinking fruity or mixed drinks. One of these people made their opinion public on Twitter, and the men savagely replied. Click on the story to find out more!

Zulmi Parker
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50 Times People Took A DNA Test And Found Out More Than They Wanted To

How much do you know about your family tree? Could you name every branch going back for generations, or do you only know the names of a few leaves hanging close to you? Thankfully, whether your ancestors kept meticulous records or you were adopted and relocated halfway across the world as an infant, DNA technology has become incredibly advanced, and we all have access to our backgrounds through simply submitting a mouthful of saliva.

Gabriel Zielstorf